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Investment Goals for Our Clients

Expand capital and income at a rate well in excess of inflation, thus achieving a meaningful real rate of return

• Preserve Principal in an era of volatile markets


Long-Term Record

Since the firm was founded in 1976, our cumulative returns have exceeded the S&P 500 benchmark. Saybrook Capital’s longer-term performance, as well as our results during the recent years of down markets, demonstrates the firm’s success in pursuing our investment goals. Mitigating losses during market declines has been the key reason for this achievement. For instance, the broad market experienced three years of significantly negative returns from 2000 to 2003, and Saybrook Capital’s average account had a cumulative positive return over the same time.

During the credit crisis beginning in 2007, nearly all asset classes and stocks declined significantly. In 2008, our clients had less exposure to severe market losses, in part due to the avoidance of the financial sector, our focus on high-quality companies, and our willingness to hold cash balances. Saybrook Capital also recognizes the opportunities in challenging markets to invest in exceptional companies at reduced cost. We have provided meaningful real growth through turbulent investment eras.


Equity Strategy

Fixed Income Strategy