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Saybrook Capital Performance


  2015 Return
Saybrook Stocks
Saybrook Portfolio
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
MSCI World (ex - U.S.) Index
Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index
HFRI Hedge Fund Composite Index


The performance numbers for Saybrook Capital are based on the results of a composite of fully discretionary accounts, which contain stocks, bonds, and cash and have no restrictions on minimum yield or percent of the portfolio invested in common stocks. The annual performance figure for Saybrook is calculated as a dollar-weighted average of the performance of each of these accounts. The "Saybrook Portfolio" results are computed to reflect the payment of investment management fees (performance is 'net' of fees).

The "Saybrook Stocks" performance is compiled by measuring the portion of these representative accounts invested in stocks. Unlike the "Saybrook Portfolio" performance, these numbers do not reflect the payment of investment management fees, since fees are deducted from cash balances.

Saybrook’s long-term record is compared to that of the S&P 500 (total return including dividends), because the latter is the most commonly accepted index of performance for U.S. equities. Since this index represents a 100% investment in a broad range of stocks, while Saybrook Capital’s portfolios are sometimes not fully invested, our managed accounts tend to be less volatile than the broad market averages, which means they often rise less in ascending markets and decline somewhat less in falling markets. Moreover, while Saybrook’s index of performance has been positive on an annual basis during this period, there is definitely no assurance that a portfolio will not decline in the future. In a sharply down stock market, our accounts will probably lose some value.

Long Term Performance Chart